Introducing Our Products

An Enterprise web system that manages the execution of strategy and performance management using the Balanced Scorecard Framework. It supports strategic analysis, and formulation at all levels, and tracks performance using real links to data sources with smart dashboards, reports, and strategy maps

Tamayyoz gateway provides an integrated and flexible platform based on knowledge models to manage enterprise Governance and Excellence Components including Strategy, Performance, services, processes, policies, standards, principles, stakeholders, organization, roles & responsibilities, locations, and culture. It supports risk management, compliance, and quality management.

A modern agile and collaborative work framework focusing on ambitious objectives and quantitative key results connecting and aligning objectives and key results for all organization levels

A web-based PMO management enterprise solution that uses the PMI standards to monitor projects execution cycle through PM knowledge areas and smart reports and dashboards

The first bilingual, proactive social Task Tracking Solution to Share, Monitor and Complete Tasks on Time. Enjiz empowers users to monitor their tasks in an easy and visual manner from the web, outlook or mobile.


Netaj 1.2 is now available for all government and private corporations of various size to help them realize their planned ambitious key results through collaborative teams and persons.  It Connects results and objectives at various levels inside the organization, and reads data from external systems to track results status. Applies best practices and methods in OKR practice.

Ahdaf v7.0 for Strategy and Performance Management is now available with more powerful Dynamic integration with external systems, integration with Tamayyoz Gateway, and more dashboards and reports.

Our new integration platform Tamayyoz V1.1 is now available with full support of governance components, in addition to PMO management using PMI BOK6. Improved Risk Management using ISO 31000, COSO ERM is now available. Compliance Management using ISO 19600 and internal Auditing standards is now supported. Enjiz Components is used to track execution of all tasks identified in various components or independently. A meetings management component supports all components. A new easy to use dashboard component is included to enable users to create in few steps their own dashboards.

We have completed a successful implementation of IT Governance using COBIT 2019 at Ministry of Communication & Information technology in KSA. Design and strategy for IT Governance had been performed, and a complete assessment of 35 COBIT 2019 Core Process was performed, and which led to an implementation improvement road map. A complete design of MCIT Governance System framework and methods wad done, and all IT Governance Department services, processes, organization, Measures, standards, and culture had been detailed and documented.  We used our Tamayyoz Gateway to capture knowledge about all of the Governance Framework Components.